Il Pastor Fido performing at the Notre Dame de Sion church in Ein Karem, Jerusalem (October 2008):

Sasha Fine, bassoon & oboe; Marina Minkin, harpsichord;Uri Dror, recorders
(Filmed and edited by Naomi Altaraz)

The Jerusalem Renaissance Wind Band playing at the Anglican Church, Ramla, Israel (January 2012):
Johann Hermann Schein, from Suite XIII in G minor, "Banchetto Musicale":

Giovanni Gastoldi, "a lieta vita":

From left to right: Adi Silberberg, recorder; Richard Paley, Rafi Landzbaum & Sasha Fine, dulcian; Uri Dror, recorder
(Filmed by Noga Albalach)

Uri's students from the Neve Sharet Conservatory, Tel Aviv (Israel):

Yoav Jeda Playing two movements from G. Ph. Telemann's Partita no. 6, "Kleine Kammermusik, with Nina Sobelman, harpsichord ("Einav" hall, Tel Aviv, summer 2013):

 Dafna Jeda playing two movements from A. Corelli's sonata no. 7, with Nina Sobelman, harpsichord ("Einav" hall, Tel Aviv, summer 2012):

Dafna & Yoav playing "Miraculous Love's Wounding" from Thomas Morley's "First Booke of Canzonets to Two Voyces" (1595), available by edition Prima Vista (Never Sharet Conservatory, summer 2013):


Dafna & Yoav, accompanied by the Neve Sharet Chamber Ensemble (dir. Alon Weber), playing the 1st movement from Robert Woodcock's Concerto IV for 2 recorders ("Einav" hall, Tel Aviv, summer 2013):

(Filmed by Noga Albalach)